(US) Remote care for animals

Remote care for animals

Well loved, well cared for!

  1. Physical care

This care is intended for professional livestock and private animals.

They act on physical animal diseases such as :

  • Fur animals: disease or cancer of mink, chinchillas, otters, ...
  • Kennels: kennel cough, distemper, and other infectious diseases or cancers
  • Equines: Colic, Lyme disease, uveitis, influenza, rhinopneumonitis, strangles, cancers ...


  1. Behavioural care

This is another type of care, based exclusively on neuroscience.

This type of care is intended for animals with abnormal behaviour, often due to an excessive level of stress.


  1. Information specific to a request for care

Here is the information we need to be able to respond to your request for care:

  • The owner's contact details: name, address, telephone,
  • Your email address to facilitate communication
  • The animal's details: name, type, breed, destination (breeding, pet, ...)
  • One or more photos of the animal taken from the front and/or the side
  • Current or specific diseases of the animal(s) in question
  • Vaccinations used
  • Photo of the animal's pedigree or registration book
  • The type of environment of the animal

Once we have received your documents, an initial analysis will be carried out.

Depending on the results of this analysis, we can offer you a diagnosis at a fixed cost. The care will be carried out on the basis of an estimate according to the diagnosis established beforehand.

If your pet's problem is outside our competence, we will refer you to another specialist.


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